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This website used to be all about Surf Films but from our first beginnings in 2017 we also screened films with environmental threads as the two often go hand in hand.  It's hard to think of an activity less immersive. 


Great surf films have been harder and harder to source in recent times as every film is 'owned' by some corporate or another and freedom to screen for everyone and fair play in that field has become a joke. A bit like the local surf break. 

At the same time, it's become ever more apparent we're facing an existential threat in climate change.

Climate change brought on by human activity. If you don't agree with that, you can turn away now. 


We don't want to preach or bang on about it  or screen films that are all doom and gloom but we've decided to pivot, start a new  Festival and screen a broad church of films that are about hope and being positive. As well as great surf films when they come along and we can actually get them.  Like this years Corners Of The Earth: Kamchatka with a big Q&A with the stars and team. 

Design and architecture films are in the mix because they can often show the way, profiling innovators who do make the world a better place. This years lineup is simply superb. Maija Isola, Master of Colour, Aalto, Architect of Emotions and Building Bastille.

SHACKLETON is another great film, profiling as it does the story of the one of the most amazing feats of survival in human history as well as being a non preachy cautionary observation from adventurer Tim Jarvis, who appears in the film contextualising the Shackleton tale as well as being able to neatly summarise the stunning changes going on the antarctic and sub-antarctic. In the 100 years since Shackleton and crew managed to get out of their dilemma that region is seeing dramatic change. 

We Are Still Here is our screening with the good folk at Heritage at Council which coincides neatly with Harmony Day on March 21st. It's a stunning film made up of 9 short films threaded together with themes of culture, heritage, history and humanity. 

Films with Inclusivity themes are also IN because ultimately they promote positive change. There's enough hate in the world. 

The only way to combat that is to screen films that show people who do things their own way, feel their own way, love their own way is ok.  2 films in this years Festival, the Oscar nominated CLOSE and The Blue Caftan are films that make you feel and think in such powerful ways yet they are  understated in their delivery. 

Can we make a change?  We like to think the change is already on but if you ever needed reminding that people can change and people can make a change look no further than our screenings of the Oscar nominated All The Beauty And The Bloodshed. 

This film gives artist Nan Goldin the opportunity to set the record straight about her personal and artistic adventure as well her battle to take on Big Pharma and WIN. It's inspirational in all the right ways but again the delivery is understated.  It's a 5 star film.

Enjoy the 1st Better World Film and Design Festival.  Soak up some ideas, see some great films, come to the Q&A's and be positive. It's better that way.  

Brought to you by Sunshine Coast Regional Council.  Screen Queensland and local company WDCI who design software and sell it over the world. 

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