Surf Photography

We also love surf photography, whether that be straight out barrels, wave curves, general love of the ocean and surrounds or the very broad genre of surf culture.


If you would like to be profiled, get in touch. 

Our first featured artist is local Tracy Naughton. She captures great images and makes surf art and one of her pieces shared the people’s prize award at our Gallery show last year. 

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Tracy is a local Artist and Photographer originally from NZ but has called the Sunshine Coast home for more than 15 years. Her art is based on the simple beauty of a fleeting moment in time. No two moments are ever the same. Having spent years fine-tuning her skills and discovering where her passion lies she has turned her attention to women’s surfing.  ‘I love the grace of the female form combined with the oceans hues and sea foamy goodness, add a coastline to shine a light on and you have endless amounts of inspiration.’

Tracy’s photography was originally meant to be as a source for her to create painted artworks from but once she became enamored by the surfing community her photography took on a life of its own.  Now she endeavors to find that balance between photography and her first love of painting and more recently graphic art.

Tracy runs an all-female exhibition every year called She to Sea encompassing all female surfers artists and photographers, her philosophy around this is to support encourage and celebrate females in the surf and creative industries.

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